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Our Corporate Wall Art is easily the most interesting way you can promote your brand.


This is by far the most compelling part of our business.  We take your logo and turn it into, not a sign, but a WORK OF ART.  We have a clever way of keeping a logo geometrically correct, but then we take some artistic liberty with the finishes and style that make it amazing.  Find out more in this video.

Upping your "Cool" factor.  The process: First, you simply UPLOAD YOUR LOGO.  Any file type or quality will do.  We can give you a square foot price of what the piece will cost and some size options that we recommend.  Next, we create a digital concept rendering of the artwork and our basic plan for style, color, interesting elements (i.e. bolts, rivets etc.) and integrate your suggestions.  Lastly, once the concept is approved, our artists take it from there and make something striking and unique. 
We ship anywhere and for large or outdoor signs we have our specially designed, easy to install, anchoring system for a relatively effortless installation.  See pics below.
Mounting Brackets: Hex Head's exclusive stainless steel mounting bracket kit makes hanging your artwork a breeze, indoor or outdoor. 

 Design Samples

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Here are examples of custom work for our corporate clients.

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