The Artists

We take pride in our designs and craftsmanship and we are honored to share our creations with you. 

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Cory Lay and Jamie Watts have been working together as stone artisans for over 20 years.  They have been a mainstay in the Midwest completing hundreds of commercial projects from the French Lick/ West Baden hotels to the KFC YUM! Center, as well as several thousand private projects. To see an extensive overview featuring one of our more elaborate design build projects, CLICK HERE. They have recently ventured into working with other mediums including wood and steel.  Cory has extensive experience in the mechanical and engineering fields and although the creative concepts of their art are a collaboration of the two minds, it’s Cory’s ingenuity and unique abilities using CAD and engineering principles that make the artwork into what you see here.  Jamie creates most of the colors, patinas and hand finishes that give our artwork that unique vintage look.

Both are open-minded when it comes to making a piece of art that is uniquely yours.  Your ideas are always appreciated.  At Hex Head we encourage customers to give input and become a part of the artwork.  

Cory and Jamie have always been artists at their core.  Being able to create mechanical and industrial artwork is really a dream job and they are creating a new milieu for this type of art.  Contact us today with an idea for a project you have in mind.