Artwork FAQs

How do I hang the artwork?

We will supply you with the proper hardware to hang the artwork. Most items require just a 2” nail or screw, that install into a drywall anchor. They require little more than you would use to hang a picture.  For corporate work we will brief you on the installation and make sure you have the proper tools and hardware for a successful install.

Is your artwork licensed?

All of our Collegiate and MLB artwork is licensed and approved through Fermata Partners, CLC-IMG and MLB.  Iowa, Ohio State and Indiana are licensed independently.  Your packaging will have the required hologram on the box.

Can I get LED lights?

Absolutely.  Each product collection will have an LED light package item on that page.  You can find out more information about the DIY package by clicking that item.  This is a link to a video for installation. LED VID

How much does the artwork weigh?

All of our pieces are different weights.  We make them out of high grade aluminum, which is much lighter than steel.  A typical collegiate item weight 2-8lbs and the large items weigh 9-12 lbs.   Be sure to call our office to get the exact weight of you item if necessary.  Most items can be hung easily with just a nail, similar to hanging a picture.

How do I remove smudges or blemishes?

Smudges and blemishes are a bit different. First, it helps to understand that our artwork is meant to have a "vintage" look, which included color fades and under coatings that give it a worn but clean appearance.  

Blemish or scratch----From time to time there is a blemish that is not within our standards that made it past quality control. If a scratch or spot looks odd to you, please take a picture and send it to and we can take a look and see if the item needs to be replaced.

Smudge-- Sometimes you might get a fingerprint or smudge on the item when hanging it. You should use a soft T shirt and Windex to dab and softly clean the spot. Never spray the cleaner directly onto the artwork, always spray it onto the cloth to avoid overspray and spots.

Can I hang my artwork outside?

Although Hex Head artwork is typically hung inside the home, we do have many customers that choose to use our artwork outdoors.   All of our artwork is made of aluminum and will not rust.  Every piece of Hex Head artwork is treated with an automotive grade clear coat for superior durability.  Outdoor durability can certainly depend on the use, i.e. on the side of a house with direct exposure to elements might be more susceptible to damage than one used in a screened in porch.

Can you make something custom for me?

Sorry, but currently we are only entertaining large scale POS projects and corporate specific custom artwork.  Please email for more details or visit our custom page here.

How can I see more of your work?

You can visit our custom gallery here.  Minimum size for business custom projects is 48" x 48" for $2400 plus shipping.

Do you sell wholesale?

At this time we are not setting up wholesale accounts.

Do you have a booster program?

We do!  Email Jamie directly to learn more about how you can promote Hex Head and make money on orders that come from your social media posts and emails.


If you wish to return an item you can email customer service at with your order # and reason for the return.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and if we cannot meet those expectations we will accept your return for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Hex Head Art Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

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