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Explore our collaboration with Lineage Logistics and discover the unique branded metal art we've created together.

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We are proud to partner with Lineage Logistics to bring high-quality, hand-crafted metal art to Lineage offices worldwide. Once onboarded, you can choose from our offerings on your Lineage shop page or make a custom request. We are 100% made in the USA and pride ourselves by serving thousands of businesses for over a decade supporting their brands with our one of a kind style of art.

In addition, we are also offering 27% off our entire collection of officially licensed sports artwork. You can choose from over 250 teams, NCAA, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS as well as all 5 military branches. Several Lineage offices are supporting local sports teams in their offices, over 2000 designs to choose from.

Getting started is easy, just submit the form below and we will send you access to our B2B platform and you can start shopping today!

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