Our Art

From design to assembly, paint to packaging we obsess about every detail to make certain that your original Hex Head artwork is the perfect addition to your home. Everything we do has the customer in mind, making artwork that we would be proud to display in our own homes.

3d art

Everything we do is 3 dimensional. We take a design and break it into its parts, then we start the deliberate process of layering the concept into planes to give the artwork that perfect feel no matter your vantage point. As you move around the piece you can see over and behind layers giving it that deep dimensional feel.

Hand Painted

When we say your artwork has been inspected dozens of times before it goes out the door, paint is the one area where we spend the most effort. The layered paint finishes are applied by hand by our long time artists and are second to none. We meticulously hand mix all of our paints ourselves to your team's PMS color code and add texture, that’s where it starts. But then we apply candy accent finishes for that dimensional faded look, part modern and part throwback. Then each piece is finished off with an automotive grade clear coat for a durable, timeless gloss finish.

in the U.s.a

We don’t just say we are made in the USA, we live it. Every piece of Hex Head original artwork starts with a blank piece of aluminum with only our creativity and skill to guide us. We design, fabricate, package and ship every piece of artwork with American hands from our facility in Louisville KY USA.