Something Better

From the moment Hex Head was born in 2013 the vision has stayed the same: Build high class, 3-dimensional, top quality wall art for proud fans, fans that don’t want to represent their team with a cheap imported decal or poster, fans that want something better, something unique. To build something we would be proud to hang in our own homes. Although the construction has grown and improved over the years, we have kept that same commitment to provide excellence in our creativity, quality and service.

Owner Operated

The owner, Jamie Watts, oversees every design and paint scheme used for our over 900 items you see on the website. The 3D layers and color finishes are at the heart of the Hex Head brand and something we obsess about. When Jamie creates a new product, we design, prototype and design again, as many times as necessary to build the perfect piece of artwork. Hex Head is an owner operated business, Jamie starts his day at 4:30 am and never stops grinding to make certain we are focused on every detail with the customer in mind. If we are going to sell an amazing high-quality piece of artwork, then we have an obligation to give our customers what they pay for, an amazing high-quality piece of artwork. Our team of designers and artists are second to none, very skilled and passionate about your experience, that first instant you open the box to unveil your Hex Head original artwork is a special moment and we are committed to keeping it that way.

How It's Made

Hex Head artwork is 100% imagined, designed, built, assembled, and packaged at our one location in Louisville KY USA. We are proud to tell you that we have a commitment to our community and the people who live in it to build every piece here in states. Each piece of artwork is touched by dozens of hands and meticulously painted for that classic Hex Head hand painted appeal. Each piece is painted in stages: We start each project with a hand blended paint mix to your teams approved PMS color, then we add candy highlights and texture for our signature Hex Head dimensional feel and hammered finish. The third layer finishes it off with an automotive UV resistant protective clear coat. All Hex Head artwork is built of marine grade quality aluminum. Sure, it’s more expensive that way, but keeping your artwork lightweight and safe to use outdoors is imperative, we want to make sure your artwork lasts for generations. Something the kids and grandkids fight over when you downsize.

Don't Take Our Word For It!

It’s simple, check out our REVIEWS and just read what others think about our artwork. That will tell you everything you need to know about Hex Head and the people who run it.

We hope you have as much fun enjoying your Hex Head original artwork as we did making it!
- Jamie Watts, Owner Hex Head Art

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If you have a question about your artwork or the artwork on the site, please email customerservice@hexheadart.com

If you have a question about your artwork or the artwork on the site, please email


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