Girls got game, maybe more than the boys.

Author: Jamie Watts

I can feel the skeptical raised eyebrows already, maybe from men and women alike.  But hear me out.  It’s true that women, in aggregate, cannot out jump, out run or go around, over and through physically like a male athlete.  We all get that.  But there is more to sports and athleticism than the pure physical factor.  We cannot underestimate athletic IQ.  I play basketball at 5:30am most days with a regular crew.  Mostly 40 something dudes looking to anchor their day with a workout and a run of ball.  The outlier of the group is a player named Laura.  Sure, she played ball in college, but what can she do that we can’t?  As it turns out….a lot.  She is easily the first pick on any team.  5 feet nothing, but she’s good, real good.  Why?  Because girls learn early not to depend on physicality to guide their game.  They become disciplined about spacing, the technical aspects of form, team play.  That leads to always being in the right place at the right time, knocking down the open shot, position D and making the clean pass.  This is not just relegated to basketball.  Men’s tennis is boring, all about the big serve and Team USA women’s soccer shows how chemistry and teamwork are how you win as opposed to the Men’s game where one stud can take it over.  Both are far more popular than their counterpart men’s teams BTW.  We covet sensational plays like big dunks and grand slams, but if you ask any professional athlete, most would rather have a solid team of high IQ athletes that know the game, it’s those players that know their role and help win championships.   So that’s my take, don’t underestimate the ladies, they‘re fun to watch if you know what to look for.


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