Butterfly Multicolor 3D Metal Artwork


Built To Order

✔ Made to Order
✔ Handmade by Artists in Louisville, Ky
✔ High-Grade, Weather Resistant Aluminium
✔ $9.00 Shipping

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This Butterfly is custom designed so this piece would truly be a unique addition to your home or office. 

Our bold butterfly design is crafted 100% in the USA and of solid aluminum Construction.

This unique Butterfly is a two layer design that creates a contemporary 3D look and is finished in our Vintage Blues, Greens, and Purples. The base layer is our signature matte black. This piece comes in two sizes.

The pieces measures 23" x 21 1/2"

Mounting: All artwork is equipped with integrated mounting for easy installation.  The mounting tabs are slotted to accommodate a standard tack nail.  The tabs are design to hold the piece off of the wall for that added depth.