South Carolina State Emblem 3D Vintage Metal Artwork


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The flag of South Carolina has existed in some form since 1775, being based on one of the first Revolutionary War flags. The artists at Hex Head have created our interpretation of this iconic imagery. This piece is composed of 4 separate pieces, forming 3 layers giving is a unique 3D look. The base layer is our Vintage Blue. The next layer is our signature Vintage Steel finish. The Palmetto and Crescent Moon also finished in Vintage Blue.

This piece is available in 3 sizes: 24"x18", 33"x25" and 38"x28".

Mounting: All artwork is equipped with integrated mounting for easy installation.  The mounting tabs are slotted to accommodate a standard tack nail.  The tabs are designed to hold the piece off of the wall for that added dimensional look. 

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